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  • What’s a lungo?
    In the vast realm of coffee brewing methods, one particular approach stands out for its unique characteristics and distinct flavors – the lungo. Derived from the Italian word meaning “long,” a lungo is a type of espresso shot that has gained popularity among coffee enthusiasts worldwide. In this blog … Read more
  • Best Coffee Grinders Under $100: Our Buyer’s Guide
    Coffee aficionados know for a fact that freshly ground coffee is infinitely better than pre-ground coffee, which makes coffee grinders quite valuable to have. If you’re a casual coffee drinker or simply budget-conscious, you’ll be pleased to know that there are many great coffee grinders that don’t require you … Read more
  • Best Hand Grinder For Espresso: The Barista Buying Guide
    More than 1 billion people enjoy coffee every day, and most of them believe that a coffee grinder is actually more important than a coffee machine. Don’t get me wrong; there’s no doubt that a good espresso maker will allow for the best extraction to give you a full espresso … Read more
  • Best Commercial Coffee Grinder: What the Experts Say
    The coffee business is thriving, and every morning, hundreds of people flood cafes and coffee shops to get their morning dose of fresh java.  In order to consistently produce high-quality coffee and deliver exceptional flavor in every cup, your business needs a premium grinder. If you want coffee connoisseurs … Read more
  • Best Coffee Maker With Burr Grinder: Reviews and Buying Guide
    Johann Sebastian Bach said that he feels just like a piece of dried up roast goat on the days he doesn’t have his morning coffee. Even if you don’t like baroque music, you must agree with Bach that a good cup of coffee sets the mood for the whole day. … Read more
  • Best Espresso Machine Under $1,000: Our Top 7 Picks
    You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars or get a commercial espresso machine in order to enjoy a barista-grade espresso shot at your home! In today’s article, we’ll provide you with a brief guide to help you pick the best espresso machine under $1,000 that you can find … Read more
  • Best Espresso Machine Under $500: The Complete Guide
    There’s a common misconception that coffee machines are no good if they’re not expensive. If you don’t own a De’Longhi that costs more than $1000, you can’t drink good coffee! Well, that’s not true. You can enjoy a tasty espresso every morning without paying more than $500. You can … Read more
  • Best Espresso Machine Under $300: Top 7 Reviews & Buying Guide
    Being on a tight budget for an espresso machine doesn’t mean that you’re stuck with under-par options! In today’s article, we’ll review some of the excellent yet inexpensive options that are available out there, so you can pick the best espresso machine under $300 for your needs. Not only … Read more

Coffee Hacks

  • What Goes Well with Coffee: Read This First!
    Is there anything better than a cup of joe? Coffee is the best pick-me-up, a great conversation starter, and sometimes even a great replacement for breakfast. But, just coffee alone isn’t something everyone enjoys. So, what goes well with coffee? Coffee is a great partner for sweet foods. This … Read more
  • Can You Grow Coffee From Roasted Beans? Know the Facts
    If you have ever been curious about growing your own coffee plants, you have probably wondered can you grow coffee from roasted beans? Quite simply, no. Coffee beans are unable to germinate after the beans have been roasted. They have natural moisture and oils that are contained within the … Read more
  • How to Use Coffee for Skin Tightening: An In-depth Guide
    I don’t know about you, but I can’t start my day without a cup of double-shot espresso vanilla extract cappuccino. I mean, I can lower it down to a regular Americano, but I can’t get going without coffee. I mean it. I can’t. I thought I wouldn’t be able to … Read more
  • List of Plants That Like Coffee Grounds: The Complete Guide
    As beautifully rewarding as gardening sounds, an enchanting green empire demands loads of love and care, as well as a bunch of tips and cautions for a promising prosperous reward. One of these critical tips is composting; it ensures that plants get sufficient nutrients from the soil and that … Read more
  • How to Roast Coffee Beans in an Oven: A Beginner’s Guide
    Roasting your own coffee beans at home seems difficult and extremely risky. After all, how do you know when it’s time to pull them out? How do you roast coffee beans in an oven? Here’s the thing: roasting your own coffee isn’t only about getting the “perfect” cup of … Read more
  • Do Roses Like Coffee Grounds? Know the Facts
    Having roses is quite an attractive addition to your backyard, but having them with undergrown petals and weak stems isn’t! Fertilizing is key to a stupendous garden and many gardening enthusiasts recommend common byproducts for use as fertilizers instead of spending cash on commercial ones. But what common byproducts … Read more
  • Using Coffee for Skin Whitening: Does it Work?
    Fair skin is a beauty goal that many women and men aspire to have. Sometimes the target is brightening the complexion just a few shades, while at other times it’s regaining the original color after long exposure under the sun. Skin whitening also includes localized bleaching of specific spots … Read more
  • Coffee Benefits for Hair that Will Liven Up Your Look
    Who doesn’t love a cup of steamy, hot coffee in the morning? Most of us wake up looking forward to a cup of coffee to jolt us awake and get us started with our day. We always hear about the harms of drinking copious amounts of coffee, but we … Read more