What Type Of Coffee Is The Least Acidic? Know the Facts

What Type Of Coffee Is The Least Acidic

Coffee is one of the most popular nonalcoholic drinks. It is delicious, a stimulant, and is very versatile. There are many ways to prepare and drink coffee. However, it does have some setbacks. For example, if you have a sensitive stomach you might find the acid in your coffee a bit unpleasant. All coffee is acidic. Which leads to the question, what type of coffee is the least acidic?

Typically the type of coffee that is the least acidic is dark roast blends. There are few ways to get less acidic coffee including buying the right type of coffee beans, choosing the right brewing method, as well as some ingredients you can add to lower the acid in your coffee. But whether you are suffering from acid reflux or just are not a bit fan of the taste, there are many ways to enjoy low-acid coffee.

And while the different acids coffee contains are one of the building blocks of its flavor, they can be a problem for some people. Removing all acids from coffee might result in a flat and tasteless cup. But lowering the acidity of coffee might solve your digestive issues without sacrificing the taste of the coffee.

So let us get into the different ways to get the least acidic cup of coffee.

How Acidic Is Coffee? 

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Coffee has a very specific taste and aroma. For some, just the smell of coffee is enough for a pick me up in the morning. It also contains acids that contribute to its taste but can also be hard to digest for people with acid reflux or a sensitive stomach.

Author Note: On the pH scale, everything that is below 7 is considered acidic. Coffee has a pH index of about 5, or in some cases down to 4.7. Keep in mind that the pH index of orange juice is 3 and the pH index of tomato juice is 4. 

In a lot of ways, the acids in the coffee add to its taste and richness, so without them, coffee might taste a bit flat. However, you do not have to get rid of all the acids in the coffee to avoid heartburn. Just by lowering the acidity of the coffee, you might avoid upsetting your stomach, while still enjoying a delicious cup of coffee. 

We will talk about different ways you can get the least acidic coffee by talking about choosing the right beans, different roasts, and different brewing methods. You can use any method that looks the most suitable for you or a combination of two or three for getting the least acidic coffee.

Just because you might have a sensitive stomach, doesn’t mean your love for a good cup of coffee should be compromised. 

Choosing the Right Beans

The first method we are going to talk about is choosing the right coffee beans for getting low acidic coffee. Some people believe that a lot of the taste of coffee comes from the acids it contains, which brings the concern that low acid coffee might be lacking in taste. This is far from the truth. 

Many great coffee brands offer low acid beans that will give you great tasting coffee. The acidity in coffee beans can vary depending on a few factors. Some beans have low acidity because of the way they are processed. They are steamed to dissolve some of the acids they contain.

Another way to get low acidity coffee beans is by choosing the location they came from. Some areas of the world produce low acid coffee naturally without any special processing factors. For example, India, Hawaii, Brazil, and the Caribian are a great geographical location for low acid coffee.

When searching for coffee beans to buy, you can either look for specific “low acidity” labels or in some cases, they will be marked as “mild” or “stomach-friendly”. Nowadays there is such a wide selection in stores that you will have no problem finding a low acid brand of coffee. 

Dark vs. Light Roast 

Another thing to look at is the roast. Coffee can come in a light, medium, or dark roast. Dark roasts are less acidic than light or medium roasts. This is because a lot of the acids are lost during the roasting process, which means the longer the coffee is roasted, the less acidic it becomes.

And because the dark roast is roasted the longest, it is the least acidic.

So keep this in mind when choosing your next batch. No matter your preferred brewing method, dark roast coffee beans will give you a low acid cup of coffee. If however, you still find your dark roast to be too acidic for your taste, you can try lowering the quantity of coffee you use during brewing to make it easier to digest.

Changing Your Brewing Method

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A lot of the acids you can taste in your cup of coffee are due to the brewing process. Hot brew brings out the acids in coffee. So if you are not brewing properly, you can end up with a very acidic tasting cup of coffee even if you are using good coffee beans.

Author Note: That is why you should switch to cold-brewing your coffee. Cold-brew coffee can have about 60% fewer acids than hot brew coffee. The method is quite simple and will result in a great and rich cup of coffee, minus the acidic taste. 

To make cold brew coffee you can go as simple or as complex as you want to. The complex way includes the dripping process, but the simple way doesn’t require any extra equipment that you don’t already have at home. You put coffee in water for about 12 to 18 hours, depending on the water temperature, and the strength of the coffee you want, and you will get a cold brew coffee concentrate.

You can later dilute the concentrate with hot or cold water, or milk, depending on your taste. But however you do, you will end up with a low acidic coffee. 

Using Eggshells 

This struck me as a bit weird when I first heard about it, to be honest. But it works and there a science behind it. Using eggshells during the brewing process will lower the acidity in your coffee.

The method is simple. It works if your preferred method for making coffee is boiling it. Put your coffee and water in a pan with the eggshells inside. Just remember to wash them before you use them.

Once you boil the coffee, you should let it sit for about 5 to 7 minutes. And then you need to strain the coffee to get rid of the eggshells.

The way eggshells work is by neutralizing the acids from your coffee. This is possible because eggshells are naturally alkaline. This means they balance things out by extracting any acids and bitter tastes from your coffee

Using Coarsely Ground Coffee 

Another thing you can do to lower the acidity of your coffee is choosing if the coffee is finely or coarsely ground. This is an extra step you can take for further acid reduction, but by itself, it might not be enough to get the least acidic coffee.

When you use coarsely ground coffee beans it makes it harder for acid to be extracted during the brewing process. Finely ground coffee beans will give you a more acidic cup of coffee, so make sure you choose at least a medium ground coffee. 

In Summary

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Some coffee beans are lower in acids naturally. When looking for coffee you might want to look for coffee that comes from India, Hawaii, Brazil, or the Caribbean. These locations produce coffee that is naturally lower in acids. When shopping for coffee, take note of any labels. Most low acid coffee is labeled as such, or if not, it might say mild or stomach-friendly. 

Another thing you can look for when buying coffee is choosing the darker roasts. As opposed to medium and light roasts, dark roast is the least acidic. This is because it is roasted longer, and a lot of the acids in coffee are lost during the roasting process. 

You can also use a coarsely ground coffee. This contributes to your search for the least acidic coffee but only if you use it in combination with another practice or method. When the coffee is finely ground it is easier to extract the acids during brewing. So using coarsely ground coffee will give you a less acidic coffee. 

Author Note: You can also switch brewing methods by opting for cold brew coffee. Cold brew coffee has up to 60% fewer acids than hot brew coffee, but it’s still rich in taste. Plus it is easy to make and it lasts longer. 

And lastly, you can add eggshells when you brew your coffee. Eggshells will balance your coffee and neutralize the acids. Plus they will get rid of any bitter taste. Just make sure you wash the eggshells before using them and make sure you strain the coffee before drinking it.  


Coffee contains acid that adds to its taste. And while extracting all acids from coffee might result in a flat and a bit tasteless cup of coffee, lowering the acids can help with digestion and avoiding heartburn. Having a sensitive stomach should be a reason that keeps you away from a good cup of coffee.

So hopefully these methods work for you, because nothing should stop you from enjoying coffee. 

Stay caffeinated friends! 

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