What’s the Best Country to Start a Coffee Business?

what's the best country to start a coffee business

Are you looking at the next chance to venture into the coffee business? It’s a bold step that I’d do if I had the opportunity! Coffee doesn’t only taste good and wakes you up, but according to Global Edge, the coffee industry has a hefty worth of over $100 billion! But what’s the best country to start a coffee business?

We believe The Netherlands is the best country to start a coffee business because its coffee culture is especially strong. The Dutch drink more coffee than most European countries and they were the first country in Europe to grow coffee trees.

But there are plenty of other countries that are also great places to start a coffee business. In this article, we’ll help you answer the question “what’s the best country to start a coffee business?”

The Best Countries to Start a Coffee Business

A lot of countries consider coffee a part of their culture. It’s not merely a crop they grow or a beverage they drink. It’s an industry that puts food on the table for half of the nation, a guaranteed way to make a profit, and a cultural umbrella that brings tourists overseas.

Here are some of these countries where starting a coffee business guarantees success.


It’s no wonder Ethiopia, or the ‘Land of Origins’ as some people like to call it, is one of the top countries for a coffee business. A lot of historical facts trace coffee’s heritage back to the African country. In other words, the globally famous beans were first discovered there.

As a result, the black beans became an ingrained part of Ethiopia’s culture. People drink coffee on the street corners, in coffee shops, in alleys, and at home. The streets smell of coffee and the nation’s folks make sure every tourist gets a huff of the heavenly scent.

Typically, starting a coffee business in Ethiopia is a no-lose idea. The country is at the center of the coffee industry.


Traditional Vietnamese fin coffee with condensed milk and ice

Since the French folks introduced Vietnam to coffee in the 19th century, the country has exploited coffee production as a significant income source. As of now, Vietnam is the second biggest exporter of coffee around the globe. If that doesn’t invite you to start a business there, I don’t know what will!

The Asian country is best known for Vietnamese coffee; an iced coffee made using dark roast beans and condensed milk. Back in the day, the Vietnamese people whipped a whole egg in their coffee cups. Not for taste, but because they had no other option. The French war left the country empty of milk, and they had to think smart.

The coffee still stands today; they sell it under the name ‘egg coffee.’


Who thought the Finns were such huge fans of coffee? Not me! But the country got itself a place on the list because of its high coffee consumption. As of now, the country is the largest consumer of coffee around the globe.

Author Note: A lot of researchers like to think that it’s due to the country’s freezing climate. Naturally, people look for a warm beverage to drink in the cold, and the Finns definitely chose coffee.

In Finland, coffee is offered almost everywhere, from Helsinki to the small countryside towns. Starting a business in the country is guaranteed success, as long as you make coffee as delicious as theirs!


The Italians treat their coffee like the Ancient Egyptians treated cats. They consider it a holy creation, and they take the drink too seriously. You’d be making a direct offense to the country if you don’t follow their coffee-drinking rules.

Italians have their own habits of serving coffee. For example, they don’t believe in hot coffee. Their coffee needs to be drunk immediately, or else it’ll get cold.

Starting a coffee business in Italy is a wise step, considering they love coffee, consume it, and sell it nearly everywhere.


When it comes to coffee, Australia is the land of innovation. Their re-imagination of coffee is something to speak of. Have you ever heard of coffee made with sparkled water? Neither did I, but the Australians apparently did. They also drink half-decaf coffee, coconut coffee, and glittery cappuccinos!

If you have a new coffee idea you can add to the Australian market, by all means, go ahead. The country is accepting any new ideas for the black beverage, and the Australian folks are waiting!


No, Colombia isn’t only famous for the notorious drug lord it gave birth to, Pablo Escobar. The country has much more to offer, including diverse landscapes, mountains, music, and of course, coffee.

Although Colombia only heard of coffee in the 18th century, it’s now one of the most eminent countries leading the industry. The Latin American country’s climate is perfect for growing the black crop. Plus, the natives handpick the coffee, ensuring high-quality beans.

After decades of being the first step of the production line, they’re now experts at deciding the ideal harvesting time.

Those are all viable reasons for starting a coffee business in Colombia. The beans’ quality is hard to match, making the country a suitable place for producing the beverage.


Cafe Ritter Traditional Coffe House or Kaffehaus in Vienna, Austria

Author Note: Although Austra doesn’t grow coffee as much as Colombia, and its coffee production isn’t as massive as Vietnam’s, the country rightfully earned a place on this list. That’s mainly because coffee is an ingrained part of its culture.

The country imports the beans because its climate doesn’t allow for growing them. However, the Austrian folks make coffee as if the drink first originated there. Vienna’s streets are packed with cafes, and the tourists enjoy the heavenly aroma on the roads.

It’d certainly be an excellent place to start a coffee business.


There was a time when coffee was heavily associated with Brazil. Now, other factors come first, such as football. However, the black beverage didn’t lose its glory in the Latin American country. As a matter of fact, Brazil is currently the largest coffee producer around the globe.

If you’re starting a coffee business in Brazil, you ought to get your beans there. It’s best grown near Sao Paulo, where the Brazilians pick the best coffee for themselves. They’re heavy drinkers of coffee, and they know how to mix it with other ingredients perfectly.

The Countries That Consume the Most Coffee

If you’re going to start a coffee business, you ought to know the most coffees that consume coffee worldwide. Typically, your choice should be limited within these countries if you want to guarantee a profit.


The Finns have an exceptional rate of 26.45 pounds of coffee per person. These folks drink coffee all day, every day, which explains why their national average is the highest.


The Swedish invented their concept for drinking coffee, called ‘Fika.’ The concept dictates that you must serve coffee with pastries and that a coffee break is a must during working days. As a result, the country has a rate of 18 pounds per person, making it one of the most coffee-consuming countries on earth.


In Iceland, you won’t find super coffee chains such as Starbucks. However, you’ll find hundreds of small cafes scattered everywhere on the streets. The Scandinavian country consumes coffee like it’s the last drink on earth, standing at 19.84 pounds per person.


Although it’s not one of the famous countries for producing coffee, the Norwegians love the black drink. Their country stands at 21.82 pounds per person, which is still exceptionally high, but not as high as Finland.


Okay, if you haven’t caught the drill yet, it’s evident that the Scandinavian countries love their coffee! It might be associated with cold weather and climate, and it might be a part of their diverse culture. All in all, Denmark doesn’t stray far from its Scandinavian neighbors, standing at 19.18 pounds per person.


Starbucks Coffee in Geneva

The Swiss folks consider coffee a social activity. It’s not just a drink for mornings. Instead, it’s the center of social gatherings, and it’s an essential part of all their parties and ceremonies. They consume 17.42 pounds of coffee per person, easily getting themselves a place on this list.


Author Note: It’s said that the Netherlands was the first country in Europe to grow coffee trees, supposedly getting them from Yemen. Since then, the country has been cultivating coffee as an essential part of the day.

The Dutch have their own coffee time, called ‘Koffietijd.’ They serve it mainly with cakes or cookies, and the country has a rate of 18.52 pounds per person.


Although Belgium is best known for chocolates, beer, and waffles, the country is also an avid consumer of the black beverage. Coffee has been a part of their history since they were colonizing Africa.

They used to grow their coffee in Rwanda and the Congo. Now, they grow their coffee or import it from surrounding countries. And they have a consumption rate of 15 pounds per person.

Final Thoughts

As you’ve seen, some countries breathe in coffee, such as Finland and Ethiopia. Meanwhile, some countries are heavy consumers, making them a suitable place to start a business, such as the Netherlands. Next time a friend asks you “what’s the best country to start a coffee business?” you’ll be able to answer them!

Choosing the best country to start a coffee business shouldn’t be hard now. You have a list of the countries that consume it the most and the countries suitable for the business. It’s about time you take your pick!

Stay caffeinated friends!

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